April 25, 2017

Wireless IP camera review - T7838WIP

  Hello everyone, how is it going? Today I will be reviewing a nice wireless IP camera: the T7838WIP 720p WiFi capable camera, made by VstarCam and brand-labeled by MANY others. Note that I have also recorded the above video with the actual T7838WIP camera.

Some specs:

- Up to 720p video (1280 x 720, HD)
- WiFi capable (works with Ethernet as well)
- Infrared LED's (night vision!)
- Supplied by 5v power adaptor
- Pan 355º and tilt 120º
- Captures and reproduces audio on camera
- Works paired with the Yoosee app (Android and iPhone)
- micro SD card for recording (up to 32GB)
- Supports ONVIF protocol (can be paired to compatible DVR's for recording and monitoring!)

Starting it up is as easy as three steps:

- Download the Yoosee APP on your phone (and open it)
- Power the camera UP on the same WiFi network as the cellphone
- Follow the app instructions!

   This camera has positively surprised my in many ways: the fist is the image quality, 720p over WiFi; there is also the capability of capturing and reproducing sound to and from the camera and the APP (you can listen and talk to whoever is close to the camera - I recorded the video this way!). Finally the capability of panning and tilting around -in real time- amazing. 
   As far as buying this camera yourself, I can only recommend it and give you two links where you can find it: GearBest (here) and BangGood (here). I hope you guys like the camera and this article about i; see you soon!.

April 23, 2017

Arduino-based datalogger - DIY data logging

   Update: this project is also on Hackaday.io: https://hackaday.io/project/21409-arduino-datalogger-with-microsd-card

   Hey everyone, how are you doing? Today's video is all about a project I have been thinkering around (and designing) for a long time: an Arduino-based data logging system. It basically reads data from Arduino micro's analog and digital inputs and saves it to a microSD card.
   The reason I created it is that I need a datalogger myself; I am always experimenting with analog and digital data from physical systems (rc cars, servo motors, etc etc) and I simply love to record said data for after-the-fact analysis and comparison.
   I have programmed it to read all four analog inputs of Arduino micro (A1..A4) and store the data in '.csv' format inside the microSD card; it allows me to easily post-process and copy/paste/move information. 
   The schematic diagram (made in Fritzing) for the datalogger is seen below, and the Arduino code can be downloaded in this link (or copyied from below as well - use it without worries).

Source (original image): here

  Here are links for you to buy every necessary component to assemble this project yourself. Buying from our partner (ICStation) helps us keep the blog going:


April 21, 2017

FritzenMaker's Youtube Channel

Hey everyone, how is it going?

   I just would like to give you heads up that I now own an Youtube channel. Is is also called FritzenMaker (link here) and will be the main content platform for FritzenMaker (besides this blog, of course!!).

Have fun here:  FritzenMaker Youtube Channel !!